Friday, 20 March 2015

To Do (Or Not To Do!!) Lists

I'm sure we've all said this before but I can't believe it's March already! Where has this year gone? Almost a quarter of it gone already. I could be wrong but this seems to be age related, the older I get, the quicker time goes!

In an effort to use my time more productively, I have a selection of To Do Lists and Planners, not just as an excuse to buy more stationery from my two favourite stores, Kikki K and Typo, but to really try and keep myself on track.

Kikki Stationery Planning 

However, I still sometimes struggle to keep up. Mind you, if I stopped signing up for craft swaps and snail mail projects my list would be much shorter, but I wouldn't have as much fun!

So I am trying my hardest to cross stuff off that list and keep everything on track and I do believe it is beginning to work. I am catching up with my letters and my craft projects, somehow seeing an actual list motivates me and let's be honest, the more lists I make and tick off the more stationery I can buy when I use up the ones I have (as if I need an excuse!!).

Who else uses lists? Do you complete them or do you have lots of unfinished tasks to catch up with? I'll be honest, I add tasks I've already done sometimes just so I can tick off another one. Do you do that too or am I just strange? Let me know if you have any ideas or tips on how to become more organised.

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