Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Crafty Swapping (with a Little Bit of Stalking!)

Late last year I signed up for my first Instagram quilt swap, the Little Quilts Swap run by Sarah Fielke and Amy Lobsiger. I first saw it mentioned in a post by one of my friends and was so intrigued I tracked down the details and promptly signed up!! At the same time, I signed up for the FMS Gift Exchange run by Fat Mum Slim (Chantelle Ellem). This seems to have become my equivalent of late night online shopping, I sign up for swaps!!

I love to craft and quilting is my favourite but I'd have to say that I tend to start lots of projects and not finish them. Most quilters have a few UFOs (Unfinished Objects) floating around because there is so much fabric and there's always a new project to entice you! However, give me a deadline and I can suddenly find lots of time to sew and can finish things well ahead of the set time!!

My completed Gardens Paths Mini Quilt from Little Quilts by Sarah Fielke & Amy Lobsiger

The result was the above mini quilt and a few little extras which were duly sent off to my swap partner.

Honeycomb Mini Quilt and Extras

In return for my totally impressive productivity(!), I received the above goodies from the lovely Lisa! So I had lots of fun stalking my partner, making the quilt and finding the extras and then I got this absolutely gorgeous little quilt which now hangs on my sewing room wall. In fact, I had so much fun, I signed up for another two last week (eeeek!!). I always was a glutton for punishment!

At least my fabric stash should shrink, although, maybe I need to buy more fabric....hmmm, very tempting!!

Watch this space as I suddenly HAVE to finish projects and move in to top gear. Follow up pictures will be posted soon!

Do you take on projects on the spur of the moment? What's your online fix? I've told you mine, now it's time to spill the beans on yours! I won't tell if you don't!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Welcome To 2015

Can't believe 2014 has gone and we're now into 2015! I don't know where the last year went!

The past year had some high spots for me:
  • My son got married in November
  • I reached four years clear in my cancer journey
  • I changed base stores at work, cutting my travel time by a third most days.
All good things that I am grateful for!

So, what does 2015 hold for me?

My plan is to make sure I get time to do things I enjoy, like spend time with my family, work on my blog, be by the ocean and be present in the moments of my life!

Of course, I had to make the trip to Typo to get a new Weekly Planner and diary to ensure that I have the necessary tools to plan my time management. Any excuse for new stationery is a good excuse for me! So now that I am set up with a some great stationery, I am ready to face this new year!

Any one who read my first post will know it took me six months to publish it, well this year I am setting myself weekly targets and I am determined to meet them. This is the closest I will get to a resolution, so wish me luck in following through!!

What are your aims for this year? How do you plan your time? Did you also have to make that totally necessary trip to Typo and Kikki K? Let me know, I'd love to hear any tips you have. Oh, and Happy New Year!