Thursday, 6 November 2014

Me Time - A Bit of Guilty Pleasure!

Warning - this post is a bit self indulgent, apologies in advance.

Yesterday I had the most fantastic facial at Ella Bache, Chermside, the Radiance C Brightening Facial  treatment.

Now I'll admit, I've always thought that beauty treatments were self-indulgent, expensive and mainly
for 'Ladies who Lunch'! This slightly discriminatory attitude wasn't helped by me having no time, due to work and kids and not a lot of spare cash to go for beauty treatments!

I did have a facial and some massages some time ago when my lovely son gave me a beauty package voucher for Christmas one year and I thoroughly enjoyed them but then I got back onto the 'working, no time roundabout' and went back to my normal home based skin care regime.

However, in three weeks time, my lovely son will get married to his beautiful fiancé and I decided that I deserved to have some pampering to get my skin, hair, nails, etc looking their best for my stint as Mother of the Groom. So I booked my facial and, oh boy, was it good! Beautifully scented products applied by the lovely Emma and a neck/shoulder/arm/hand massage left my skin glowing and me feeling great. I even gave in to the suggested purchase and bought myself a skin care pack! I am now converted to the facial, in fact, I've booked an oxygen facial for the day before the wedding so that my skin will be beautiful for the day (well I'll think it is even if nobody else does!) and I plan to try and have a regular facial just for some me time!

What's your guilty pleasure? Do you have regular Me Time or do you spend all your time working and looking after your family? Tell me what your ideal day of indulgence would be!

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