Wednesday, 12 November 2014

Keep Calm and Stop Procrastinating!

I saw this quote recently on the Clever Cookie Facebook page and it really struck a chord.

I am the queen of procrastinators, not a title I'm proud of but I'll own up to it. Anyone who has read my first post will know that it took me six months to actually press Publish on it.

Since then I have made lots of lists of planned posts and days I was definitely going to post on and has it happened….sadly, no!

I enjoyed my Clever Cookie course and have proudly displayed my graduation badge on my blog, I also read lots of advice on blogging, follow some really good bloggers and get emails with lots of encouraging ideas. But what I really need to do is get my butt into gear and actually post something!!

So I have decided that instead of planning (and even drafting!!) posts, I will actually hit that Publish button, even if it's not the 'perfect' post I imagined. I must confess that the very idea of this scares the living daylights out of me but I know that there are lots of great people out there, some of whom may even read my blog occasionally, and that you will understand and even forgive me the odd dodgy post.

So watch this space, there may be good things happening! And thanks for listening to my rambling!

Are you a procrastinator? What do you use to motivate you? Is it better to just go with the flow instead of expecting everything to be just right? Let me know what you think.

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